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Best Cheese Blogs: 5 Bloggers that Really Know their Cheese

January 9, 2017 | 0 COMMENTS

Any astute cheese snob browsing the web will have come to the same conclusion as we have: there is simply a shocking lack of cheese blogs on the internet. Thankfully, there are a few fabulous proud cheese warriors upholding the brie-scented standard. From gift suggestions for cheese lovers to cheesemaking tips, a growing community of cheese blogs are making themselves heard. Here, we profile 5 of our favorites for your delight.


It’s Not You, It’s Brie


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Run by cheese lover extraordinaire, Kirsten Jackson, this blog is an absolute delight. Packed to the gills with cheese recipes and nuggets of information while also providing a wonderful window onto the wider cheese community (CheeseCon sounds like heaven), this site’s cult status is well-deserved.


Madame Fromage

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Proudly reveling in its love for that most beloved of cheese destinations, Madame Fromage brings a touch of Parisian salon sophistication to the blogosphere. Madame Fromage includes wonderful highlights and interviews with cheese-industry gurus – people who live and die by the roquefort. Her contact book is as well-thumbed as is her Encyclopedia of Cheese, and displays a wonderful cross-section of the American cheese industry.


HuffPost Cheese

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Yes, this one threw us for a loop too. The Huffington Post is unlikely to win a Pulitzer Prize anytime soon, but their coverage of the quirkier side of life is unparalleled. Packed with lists of the best burrata recipes and musings on weather mozzarella is better than oral sex (Huffington Post features links to this article from, this may be the destination for the cheese-loving newshound in all of us.


Cheese Notes


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Run by an accredited cheese maker, this Tumblr gets to grips with the foundations of the cheese industry itself. Whether discussing new cheeses, introducing resources for those wishing to try their hand at cheese-making or announcing the results of cheese competitions, this blog is a labor of love and it shows with every bite-sized post.


John Eats Cheese


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Don’t let the simple layout fool you, John knows his cheese, and he knows it darn well. A true epicure, John revels in bringing to light the hidden, the elusive, the furtive members of the global cheese community. And where John leads, we should all follow.

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